jSide Menu is a well designed, simple and clean side navigation menu with dropdowns.

Written in: HTML, CSS, JS
Frameworks: jQuery 3.3.1 & Material-Design-Iconic-Font 2.0

Main Features

Save Time to Quickly Customize

You can highly customize this navigation system without investing time in modifications of code.

1. jSide Menu Skin

Choose the theme for the menu:

Plain Color

Gradient Color

2. Menubar Position

Choose the menubar position:

  1. Fixed on Top
  2. Static

3. Menu Container Position

Choose the suitable position for menu container.

Generated Script

Copy and paste it into document ready function.

   jSidePosition: "position-left",
   jSideSticky: true,  
   jSideSkin: "default-skin", 

Browsers Compatability

Best view on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and UC Desktop Browser